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Our mission is to provide our customers with unique economic environmentally friendly noninvasive and creative solutions to build more durable structures and to save our aging infrastructures. We are designing and developing innovative cost-effective solutions and techniques using advanced composite materials for structural rehabilitation of existing structures and building new structures based on innovative approach. We are working with Architects structural engineers and building officials to satisfy their needs in the creative design of new structures, and for repair and retrofitting to solve the deterioration problem of our infrastructures to achieve higher strength and durability, in very limited construction time.





CII Solutions Composites Infrastructure Innovation Solutions Corp. is highly specialized in the repair, strengthening and retrofitting of structures, including seismic retrofitting using both traditional and advanced methods utilizing fiber reinforced polymers. This joint venture has been involved in the design, construction supervisions, and construction managements, as well as strengthening of a number of major projects in CANADA and the Middle East and in the Gulf region. The Members of the Corporate are highly specialized in the various activities of the design and construction. Works both local and international with professional registrations in engineering societies in Canada, USA and the Middle East. 

The Corporate was established in 2018 as a Federal Corporation in CANADA and became a member of Spark Innovation Center in Oshawa Ontario. The Founder Dr ABDULSALAM is a leader in innovative technologies for Infrastructural applications we are joining our company experience with Dr. Ibrahim Mahfouz Consulting Engineering Office one of the pioneering offices specializing in structural design, supervision of construction and construction managements of major construction projects in Egypt and Gulf Area. Dr. Ibrahim Mahfouz Consulting Engineering Office was established in 1980 specializing in structural design, supervision of construction and construction managements of major construction projects. The Chairman of the office, Dr. Ibrahim Mahfouz is a leading member in the various Egyptian code standing committees, for concrete structures, concrete bridges, and for Fiber Reinforced Polymers along with a voting member in ACI committee (FRP). He is Also a US Patent Holder.


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Composite Infrastructure Innovation Solutions Corp.


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